Training Plans/Coaching

Interested in receiving a personalized training plan for your next road race? Want to see improvements in health and fitness? Looking to get started in running but not sure how? I can help with personal coaching and training tips.  Training can be confusing and complicated without experience and knowledge.  I can help provide that experience and knowledge from my time spent as an elite high school, collegiate, and now post-collegiate runner plus the scientific knowledge that comes with a bachelors of science in exercise science from the University of Louisville.  Whether you’re a beginner looking to just get into the sport of running, or a seasoned weekend warrior looking for new and exciting training strategies, I can help create a training plan personalized for your specific needs to help you reach your goals.  My program will include:

  • Personalized Training Program
  • Individualized Workouts/Training Paces Chart
  • Weekly email correspondence to help answer any questions you may have and provide encouragement
  • Tips for training, workouts, and racing


  • Personalized Training Plan $50/month
  • Private Coaching Sessions
    • 1 session per week $55/session
    • 2 sessions per week $45/session
    • 3+ sessions per week $35/session

Want to learn more? Contact Michael Eaton at


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